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Consulting and development

Services for the implementation and maintenance of your management system
Getting a management system up and running and then keeping it running properly requires highly specialised, extensively experienced, and deeply involved professionals. How can we help you? .

Implementing a management system requires a staff specialised in a variety of areas to guarantee the ultimate success of the project.

Abbantia is a company specialised in the implementation of management systems. We work with professionals with over 20 years of experience, contributing real, proven solutions in the areas of consulting, parametrisation, programming and system administration during the different phases of the software's life.

Our work method is largely based on SCRUM, a technique that allows for the agile development of every implementation project by identifying priorities and maximising the return on investment (ROI) for your company.

Our in-house method, the experience and knowledge we’ve acquired over the years, and an extraordinary commitment to our clients ensure the successful launch and maintenance of your management system.


Business Consulting

The launch of a management system tends to be a good time to optimise internal processes and reorganise some of the company's areas. At the end of the day, the management system should be a faithful reflection of the processes that occur within the company.

But sometimes, finding the best solution for every need can be a complex task for the heads of every department in the company.

Therefore, based on our experience in numerous activity sectors, we can advise you and help you to design the ideal solution to meet your needs.


Parametrisation and Process Programming

For the implementation of a management system to be optimal, it is not only necessary to know the best solution for every need, Además, it is also essential that the software works in accordance with those solutions.

Our experience over the years has shown that projects undertaken by our clients before the implementation of Abbantia did not fail exclusively due to the limitations of the management system they worked with, but also because of the inability or inexperience of the people involved in its implementation.

At Abbantia, we work with expert technicians in the parametrisation of processes and in custom programming. Our development tool, ABBANTIA STUDIO , lets us make your new Abbantia ERP management system work exactly as your company needs it to.

Additionally, we can develop whatever satellite applications you require for multiple platforms and devices that will allow you to improve your entire management circuit and get the information you need for the optimum operation of your business.


Software Maintenance

Companies are in a constant state of technological change, both in terms of their hardware and the software that goes with it. And, obviously, management systems are not immune to these changes.

From time to time, more powerful computer systems and devices become available, accompanied by operating systems that require programs perfectly adapted to their functionalities.

What’s more, management systems are subject to legislative changes that require periodic updates to comply with the law in effect at any given time.

This is why Abbantia offers its clients different maintenance plans, which allow them to enjoy software adapted to the latest technology and in compliance with the legislation if effect at all times.

Software licence for updates

System Administrator Support

Specialised services for performing updating processes


User Support

Abbantia has a User Service Centre (CAU) to answer any questions that might arise during the daily use of our platform, with different modalities and plans adapted to every need.

Full usage support

First level usage support for users

Second level usage support for system administrators

Technical and development support

E-mail, telephone or continued in-person support at the client’s facility


System Administration

Our clients’ trust in us has led us to additionally offer value added services in aspects related to consulting, provision of hardware, system administration and the set-up and start-up of computer equipment.

Our challenge is striving to maintain their full trust and completely solving their management requirements.

Servers and work stations

Virtualisation of servers, hosting and housing

Perimeter and networking security system

Technological advising

Communication systems and deployment of corporate information

Backup in the cloud