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Get the functionality you need and optimise your information flow.
And all on a single platform, which translates into a substantially lower investment compared to other individual solutions that require high maintenance and interconnection costs.

What’s more, you can adapt the operation of every module with Abbantia Studio. ABBANTIA STUDIO

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Customer relations

Marketing, sales, services

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Multichannel communication

e-Commerce, social media, customer loyalty

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Business intelligence

Analyses, scorecards, KPIs

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Sales and distribution

Deliveries, incident management, invoicing

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Supplier relations

Supplier management

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Supply and inventory

Planning of supply, stock, management by qualities

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Warehouse management

Logistics management and inventory operation

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Production and assembly

Organisation of manufacturing processes

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Global commerce

Import / export process management

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Fleet management

Control Detallado del Circuito de Transporte de Mercancías

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Administration and finance

Treasury, accounting, taxes

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Human resources

Improve the communication channel with your employees 


Customer relations
The cornerstone of your company’s management which allows you to organise your marketing, sales and customer service processes.

Marketing Campaigns

Classify and monitor your demand-generating activities.

Multichannel Dispatches

Manage your advertising dispatches by email, instant message or social networks.

Business Contacts

Segment your contact database based on criteria defined by business activity.

Sale Phases

Organise y our sales force based on a standardised sales system.

Business Opportunities

Track your business projects and promising opportunities in real time.

Sales Quotes

Submit quotes to your clients, adapted to your corporate image.

Price Lists and Promotions

Define terms of sale for every client with delivery and profitability monitoring.

Expense Monitoring

Monitor expenses incurred by your sales staff and analyse how it affects the profitability of their sales actions.


Access key information about your business from wherever you are.


Sales and distribution
Optimise sales procedures, and unify them with the rest of your company in an integrated system

Sales Orders

Automate and monitor your merchandise deliveries and services based on accepted sales quotes.

Periodic Deliveries

Automatically plan your periodic deliveries of materials and services.

Means of Transport

Define the means of transport that each delivery will go out on, and invoice related costs if necessary.

Issue of Waybills

Comply with regulations in force and avoid high fines in the transport and distribution of merchandise catalogued as hazardous.

Operational Analysis

Understand the forecasted cost of your operations to achieve maximum profitability without diminishing your competitiveness.

Incident Monitoring

Document and analyse the incidents detected in your sales cycle and take preventative and improvement actions to optimise your internal procedures.

Delivery Planning

Plan the delivery of your merchandise for lower logistics costs.

Leasing management

Automate the management of your leased products, obtaining detailed information about their availability and traceability.


Control personnel costs using biometric reading systems like NFC and RFID cards.

Service Ticket Management

Improve your competitiveness by offering your customers service tickets and get information about the provision of outsourced services.

Customer Service

Manage the services provided to your clients and track their profitability, regardless of type: work and service, certifications, activities or recurring services.


Automate invoicing cycles for delivered merchandise and services with simple set-up assistants designed to optimise your time.


Business intelligence
Monitor the evolution of your business, analysing your critical parameters from a single screen

Personalised Scorecards

Get a personalised analysis environment for every profile, which allows you to evaluate the development of every area of your business.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Track the effectiveness of your sales team and the return on investment of their sales action.

Trend Analysis

Analyse and understand the interactions of your clients and compile information about their consumption patterns.

Customer Surveys

Find out what your clients think about the products and services provided by your company.


Multichannel communication
Integrate your sales platforms to offer your clients a unique shopping experience.


Get a 24-hour shop fully connected to your management system.

Call Centre

Track calls from clients and categorise them based on multiple parameters.


Manage your telephone sales campaigns and standardise the operations of your telesales staff.

Point of Sale

Streamline your in-store check-out tasks with terminals connected to your management system.

In-situ Sales

Let your sales staff consult available stock and prices as well as make sales in real time.

Client Portal

Provide your clients with a personalised web interface from which they can perform any transaction with your company:

Social Media

Promote and sell your merchandise through web publications and links to social networks.

Customer Loyalty Systems

Classify and track sales to your customers from any channel, offering discounts and promotions for successive purchases.


Automate the electronic exchange of documents like orders, delivery notes, invoices, account statements, etc.


Fleet management
Automate the monitoring of your vehicles, managing their costs and tracking their delivery routes in real time.

Fleet Tracking

Track the status of your vehicles: financing, maintenance, refuelling, mileage, etc.

Transport Documents

Generate waybills for transported merchandise in ADR and/or CMR formats.

Distribution Routes

Assign merchandise to be distributed to different vehicles in your fleet and plan every delivery route in accordance with specific parameters.

Delivery and Collection Control

Update and manage in real time the merchandise and money deliveries and collections performed by your delivery staff.

GPS Positioning

Know the location of your fleet of vehicles as well as the routes taken at every moment.

Statistical Analysis

Optimise your delivery and collections operations through analyses of your operational results.


Supplier relations
Organise your supply chain base

Entity Management

Administer your supplier and creditor database based on expense acquisition categories, and organise your contacts.

Price Lists

Identify terms of purchase and special prices agreed upon with every supplier to monitor their application in subsequent orders.


Track the quality of your suppliers and creditors and rate essential aspects of their operations, like compliance with delivery deadlines and their terms of service.


Monitor the status and development of complaints lodged with your suppliers and establish any necessary corrective measures.


Administration and finance
Get financial information about your company in real time and itemised by roles

Cash Flow Management

Monitor the status of your payments and collections through automatic cash flow management using the supply and sale invoices entered in the system.

Documentation Printing

Automatically generate checks and promissory notes based on payment due dates.

Debits and Transfers

Issue bank debit and payment transfer files in compliance with SEPA legislation (19.14, 19.44, 34) for automatic processing by your bank.

Collection Management

Monitor your clients’ overdue debts and issue different types of personalised reminders based on the number of notification.

Bank Reconciliation

Import your banking transactions into Abbantia and automate the debit and payment verification process.

Cash Flow

Get detailed information about actual and estimated debits and payments to be made in the future, and avoid cash flow problems due to faulty planning.

Automated Accounting

Automate the accounting management of your invoices, cash flow movements, fixed assets, etc. in real time to avoid errors caused by manual data entry.

Official Accounting Books and Balance Sheets

Automatically generate your official books (daily, invoices, imports, etc.) as well as standardised and specific balance sheets.

Immediate Supply of Information (SII)

Simplify the online management of the immediate dispatch to AEAT of your invoice books (issued, received, investment assets and inter-community transactions).

Investor Monitoring

Identify the investments made by your partners in every one of your company’s businesses, monitoring profitability and the payment of loans.

Fixed Assets

Define your company’s assets and other resources and monitor their amortisation cycles (linear, constant, fixed, etc.) and maintenance costs.

Analytical Accounting

Define cost centres based on activity and measure the profitability of every business unit: company departments, products or services, projects, clients, etc.

Budgetary Monitoring

Plan and monitor the development of your annual budget based on different entries defined at the company and area/department level.

Consolidated Analysis

Get a combined operational analysis for all of your companies, regardless of country, accounting plan or business activity.

Taxes and Declarations

Automate the generation of AEAT tax files (303, 390, 111, 115, 347, 349, Intrastat, etc.), as well as the online submission of trade registry books.


Supply and inventory
Promote the profitability and effectiveness of your sales by recording your purchases on a versatile, scaleable platform.

Products and Services

Organise your articles based on multi-level families and document their technical and operational data.

Stock Management

Monitor actual stock quantities in your inventory and simplify periodic tracking and updating tasks in every warehouse.

Serial and Batch Number Management

Accurately track your inventory, using series and batch numbers assigned by your company or those of your suppliers.

Units of Measurement

Use multiple units of measurement for your products, defining conversion factors including: kilos, cases, pallets, FCL, etc.

Composite Products

Configure articles as kits based on multiple references and automate your inventory management.

Supply Contracts

Record the conditions agreed upon with your suppliers for every purchase and issue contractual documentation for them.

Sizes and colours

Simplify the management of your product ranges, defining characteristics for each of them.

Incoming Materials

Automate the process for receiving incoming merchandise by linking Abbantia to your weighing or delivery validation system with labels or RFID.

Quality control

Establish corrective, preventative and improvement measures before incidents occur.

Expense Forecasting

Calculate your forecasted expenditure for every year to optimise your terms of purchase and cash flow management.

Supplier Portal

Optimise communication with your suppliers through the provision of their own website on which they can perform the most common tasks: submit quotes, find terms and conditions documents, download invoices, etc.

Supply Orders

Automate the identification of your supply needs based on seasonality and minimum stock criteria.


Human resources
Save administrative costs and improve the communication channel with your employees


Monitor the personal data of the employees in your company as well as their contract information in compliance with the data protection act.

Talent Management

Organise your database of professional candidates and classify them according to the requirements established for every selection process.

Shift Work

Define shifts for employees and work with an employee attendance tracker to identify them.

Absenteeism Management

Automate your absenteeism management system and track dates and compatibilities:


Protect your company by establishing an environment in which your employees can access information about non-compliance with standards and prevention models.

Employee Portal

Provide your employees with an online environment in which they can manage their absences, consult holidays, download pay slips and corporate information, etc.


Warehouse management
Save money and time in the control of your stock, as well as in picking and/or cross-docking processes.

Warehouse Map

Organise your warehouse based on aisles, positions, heights, slots, optimise its storage and reduce picking times.

Warehouse Network

Set up several physical warehouses to be treated as a single logistic unit.

External Logistics

Optimise your costs by automating the management of your stock located in logistics operators: Amazon™, free economic zones, etc.

FIFO / LIFO Management

Define the method for assigning incoming and outgoing goods based on product characteristics.

Labelling and Tracking

Identify merchandise received using barcodes, QR or NFC/RFID labels.

Management by Location

Identify the location of your products, either in picking or in their storage areas. Achieve optimised management.

Multiple Orders

Optimise picking times by assigning multiple orders to your operators and through radio frequency task processing.

Picking Replacement

Automate replacement processes in your picking areas, avoiding wasted time in the filling of orders.

Automatic Inventory

Track your inventory in real time through the automatic monitoring of incoming and outgoing merchandise.

Stock Valuation

Find out the value of your inventory, whether merchandise in your warehouse or imports and exports in transit.

Maintenance Management

Monitor the frequency, processes and maintenance times in your warehouse so that you always comply with current legislation.

Stock Counts

Run periodic checks of your inventory using radio frequency barcode readers, which will help you to reliably minimise counting times.


Production and assembly
Improve your manufacturing processes by tracking profitability, implementing quality control checks and automating traceability.

Process Lists

Define the configurations for raw materials, packing, packaging, machinery and operators for the manufacture of different products.

Multi-level Processes

Configure sequential manufacturing processes in which the finished product is the raw material for the next phase.

Manufacturing Orders

Execute your manufacturing plans based on pending orders, minimum stock per season, continual production, etc.


Organise your production processes for every phase based on criteria like demand and manufacture time.

Sample Management

Send samples of batches produced to your clients and monitor their validity.


Optimise your manufacturing procedures, identifying the occurrence of shrinkage in every process and its percentage of total production.


Monitor surplus product stock at different phases of the production process so it can be used in other products or sold.

Quality control

Control the quality of the batches your company produces and manage the traceability of your raw materials throughout the production process.

Cost Control

Understand the real manufacturing cost of your products and apply the appropriate margins to maximise your profit without losing your competitive edge.


Global commerce
Manage your international sales operations, defining customs duties, costs and insurance.

From Start to Finish

Record all of the terms and conditions agreed upon with your traders: incoterms, costs, characteristics, quantities, times, etc. and monitor compliance.

Customs and Expenses

Define the applicable fees, insurance and taxes for your import and export transactions.

Operations Management

Know the status of your freight and its movements, tracking the value of your inventory and availability of future stock.


Identify the documentation you need for the international transport of your products based on the country of origin and destination.

Costs and Profitability

Simulate forecasted expenses in your international trade operations and get an automatic update of costs based on invoices received.

Administrative Management

Automate the administrative monitoring of your international transit operations, linking the cost of the merchandise with other transit and distribution invoices.