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Unify all of your company’s processes

Improve day-to-day operations in every business area promote better interactions with the different departments of your company, accomplishing the fluid exchange of information with a single management platform.

In today’s world, the global market and intense competition make it necessary for companies to implement long-term changes in their business structures in order to respond to every one of their customers’ requirements with agility.

For this reason, working with a dynamic management platform is crucial because it can respond to the all of the company’s functional needs, improving communication between different areas and departments and responding rapidly to required changes.

Abbantia ERP is a fully modular management platform whose functionality will grow right along with your business, in real time. This approach makes configuring every solution easy because it allows you to acquire only the functionality that your company needs at any given time, so you only invest in the functional modules that add real or strategic value..

The modular structure of Abbantia ERP is organised based on the different areas or departments within a company to interconnect all existing information flows. At the same time, each module is made up of up to 257 business entities, which are the minimum unit for each solution, all with the common goal of configuring a solution to meet every need.




Monitor your marketing campaigns and track your results in real time. Organise the efforts of your sales staff and analyse their results with scorecards adapted to your company’s needs.




Achieve comprehensive organisation, as well as a clear picture of your sales processes, monitoring and controlling the delivery of orders and materials and the provision of services.And automate your invoicing processes, preventing errors and duplicates and optimising your time.




Automate your supply processes, minimising stock breakage and maintaining a high quality of service for your customers by controlling delivery deadlines, sales forecasts, merchandise receiving, minimum seasonal stocks, etc.




Track your company’s actual stock quantities and values with an automated warehouse management system that lets you control processes of reception and dispatch of merchandise, minimising errors that can occur through manual procedures. Control your production and packaging processes attending to different scenarios for every product you manufacture: by batches, continual, on demand. Get detailed information on your production costs and profits. Monitor the maintenance of your equipment.




Manage your financial transactions, including status analyses, multiple-day accounting processes for financial approvals, monitoring of payment and collections portfolios, simulation and management of fixed assets, etc.




Coordinate the management of your staff, defining employee roles, timetables, shifts, types and duration of workdays, and contract history.Organise your selection processes, classifying candidates based on their personal information, training and professional experience. Easily monitor interviews given and the records of every candidate. Simplify interaction between your employees and the management through an employee portal.