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Multi-platform technology to access your management system

With Abbantia ERP technology you can get the information you need at any time and in any place, and run any management process.

In today’s world, constant access to accurate information and the capacity to react immediately is a crucial factor in remaining competitive. Solutions like an order log and debt enquiries accessed by members of the sales staff in real time through their smartphones can make the difference between the getting and losing a sale.

Furthermore, providing all of a company’s employees with an interface based on their role not only helps to improve productivity, but also allows the company to collect valuable information in real time that can subsequently be analysed with ABBANTIA OLAP for better and better-informed decision-making.

Abbantia ERP is a management system that allows different usage interfaces to interact with the same business logic and with common data. This lets you enjoy a management system capable of receiving and processing data from multiple usage platforms.

With the technological architecture of Abbantia you can perform any task you need to using desktop devices, tablets or smartphones connected to the internet. By obtaining the correct licenses for each Abbantia module and for the required platform, you’ll be able to interact with your management system from anywhere and in real time.

Abbantia ERP isn’t only a website accessible from anywhere.

Abbantia ERP offers specific environments for different platforms, which let you conveniently and productively use your management system for each and every one of your needs:

  • Windows application for desktop environments.
  • Web application based on HTML5 for access from a browser.
  • Android application for access via Google smartphones.
  • Windows Mobile application for access via Microsoft smartphones.