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Abbantia Multilingual

A multicultural management system

Simplify the work of your users with a management system adapted to the language of their choice.

Abbantia ERP’s multi-language environment is an optional cross-platform module that adds a multicultural context so that all of the system’s users can enjoy access in the language of their choice.

This way, different users connected to the same Abbantia ERP system and sharing the same data can use different languages, either in the company’s physical offices or in offices all over the world.

Users can:

Configure the language in which they’d like to use Abbantia ERP.

Configure the use of numeral characters (decimals, etc.) so that they correspond to the regional configuration of their team.

Imprimir cada documento (presupuestos, albaranes, facturas, etc.) en el idioma preferido por sus clientes y proveedores, independientemente del idioma de uso del Sistema.

Print every document (quotes, delivery notes, bills, etc.) in the language used by their clients and suppliers, regardless of the language used by the system.

But its parametrisation platform it can be translated into any language supported by the Windows™ system on which it is run, using simple import templates.

The multi-language environment is available for all of Abbantia ERP’s usage platforms: Windows, web and mobile.