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Abbantia Studio

Achieve a management system fully adapted to your business

Modify how Abbantia ERP works or create your own modules and functionalities to achieve a management system that is perfectly adapted to your business operations.

Company culture is the essence, the set of rules, strategies and processes, shared by the members of an organisation, which identifies it to its competitors, clients and suppliers.

Each and every one of the members of an organisation has to be engaged with its company culture, because it is what will define the basic pattern for the performance of his or her job.

What’s more, business processes are unique and represent the identity of every company in the market, setting them apart from their competitors.

Therefore, a company’s management system, which is built on the foundation of its information, must be adapted to the corporate culture and ensure that its processes accurately reflect the actual operations of the business.

Regardless of the degree of complexity of your business processes, whether you need to have custom-made reports or create several complex modules, with ABBANTIA STUDIO you’ll have an ERP system capable of meeting every specific need in the management of your company.

ABBANTIA STUDIO is the environment for the configuration and parametrisation of Abbantia ERP, which lets you create new modules or modify the operation of your standard modules to adapt them to your company’s needs.

ABBANTIA STUDIO is a tool external to Abbantia ERP, whose license can be acquired for its own use or for the configuration of third-party systems. And, if you prefer, we can personalise your business processes for you.

ABBANTIA STUDIO does not use proprietary programming languages, which makes adaptation tasks difficult and costly.

ABBANTIA STUDIO ABBANTIA STUDIO is based on Google Android™,™ and Microsoft SQL Server™. Reliable, proven, widely-used technologies provide easy access to the resources you need to adapt and maintain your processes.

Configure your own views and interfaces, or modify the ones you already have, to make operation simpler for your users.

Create new fields in any system table

Set up all the relationships between tables that you need and retain the referential integrity of your information

Rename each field to reflect the nomenclature used in your company

Modify Abbantia ERP’s business rules to adapt its operation to your company’s specific requirements.

Create new modules, completely integrated within your management circuit, to automate the specific business processes of your company.

You’ll have all of the updates published by Abbantia at all times, without any risk of interfering with your custom solutions.

Integrate Abbantia ERP with other systems, via internet or locally, thanks to the latest technology

Get your own templates for documents and conventional reports.

Minimise expenditure on corporate stationary by generating your printed documents entirely with Abbantia ERP

Configure nested tables at several levels to display the details of linked data

Add barcodes, shapes and graphs, images, etc.

Export the documents you generate in different formats: PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, etc.

Configure dynamic tables from any existing data in the system.

Incorporate data from external sources (big data) to get a complete analysis

Include graphic representations of the data displayed

Access information in real time from anywhere and for different platforms

Configure accurate metrics for your business using KPIs connected with every area of your company.

KPIs represented in multiple formats:

  • Indicators
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Developing percentages
  • etc.

Access information in real time from anywhere